How To Wake up From the Story of “My Life”

One of my favorite movies of all time is “Inception”. Mainly because I’ve had a lifelong obsession with lucid dreaming, and the film does a reasonable job of depicting what it’s actually like. Of course, if it were more accurate the characters would get swept up in how real everything seemed, and keep forgetting they were in a dream.

How To Tame the “Default Mode” of Your Wild Mind

The human brain makes up just 2% of total body mass but consumes 20% of our energy supply. Whether we’re doing calculus, or relaxing in the bath, this figure only changes by a few percent. What is it doing at “rest” that requires so much energy?

You Weren’t Built for a Life of Leisure

Our brain is wired to seek leisure. Probably because when we decide to #netflixandchill, our survival is not at stake. The brain equates leisure to a higher likelihood of survival. But does a life of leisure lead to the happiness and life satisfaction our brain suggests?

How To Stop Clutter From Ruining Your Mental State

If you’re the type of person who tends to shove things in the nearest drawer, either because you’re too busy or can’t be bothered to put it back where it belongs — these tips are for you, kindred spirit.

FOMO by Design: How Social Media Is Hacking Our Brains

Smartphone showing social icons

Understanding how algorithms manipulate our behavior and what to do about it (play audio) On my recent birthday, only four of my 711 Facebook “friends” wrote on my wall. It was tempting to assume that people scrolling their news feeds saw it was my birthday and thought “Nah, not interested.” My rational brain, however, knew […]

Why Hasn’t Self-Help Changed My Life Yet?

runner catching breath against a sunset city skyline

When personal development hinders our capacity for self-acceptance (play audio) For most of my life I have alternated between an admired version of myself, and a version I would rather disown. I was never sure which one I truly was. In times of accomplishment, I was exactly who I wanted to be, yet in times […]